Coco Peat.


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Coco peat is made from texturised coconut husk, called coconut coir. The medium itself has very good characteristics for use in hydroponics. Being a loose coarse mix it has a lot of air filled porosity - meaning that plant roots will be well supplied with oxygen when planted into coco peat, which staves off root rot and also increases root growth and general plant well being. Coco peat also holds a lot of water meaning watering of the plant can be done at less frequent intervals.

Advantages of using coco peat as a medium are it's oxygen and water retaining abilities, soil conditioner, has excellent absorbent properties, meaning that it can hold nutrients very well, and release them to the plant over a prolonged period, resistant to bacterial and fungal growth.
An affordable price for a quality product with an environmentally sustainable future.

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